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    letsgetserious is offline Junior Member
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    Apr 2004

    Newbie in need on help from bros....????

    If i have acess to HGH, should it be something to consider.....are the risks too great , evn though the positives could be very beneficail.....

    Or should i be safer and run somethign liek test prop and enthate

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    soo2bhuge's Avatar
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    Jun 2004
    u need to give us more stats bro. your previous cycles and all that good stuff. if this is your first one, then i don't think hgh should be your first choice. u need more experience.

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    ducatibob is offline Junior Member
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    Oct 2004
    North East USA

    Need more info.

    At 23 (from your profile) HGH should be naturally still high. What are your stats and experience?

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    Mar 2002
    23 YOs should have no need for GH. Plus, it is generally pretty expensive.

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    Feb 2003
    23? don't waste your $$$. What were you expecting to get out of GH? Size? Leaness? Because if you're deciding to either do a cycle or GH, then I'd definitey stick with a cycle. GH alone won't get you big.

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