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    What do you suggest I do?

    I'm in the 6th week of my test e cycle 500mgs/wk and I am feeling a little sick. I have a bit of a head cold. My question is should I tought it out and workout today (i feel like I can do it), or should I rest my body? If I do rest though and miss a day or two...I know I'll feel guilty about it. What would you guys do?

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    follow what your body tell you bro. you got plenty of time to grow if you take a day off. it's not gonna kill you. i assume you take a day off during the week as it is? well, then just make that your workout day instead of an off day.

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    If you are sick then rest....... 1 or 2 days will not kill the cycle........ also, if you do workout today you can weaken your immune system and then you could end up being out longer.

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    Rest, it won't kill you to miss a day or so. Drink lots of fluids eat clean, and rest.

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    20 grams of glutamine and a b12 shot if you have it

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