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    Clen and loss of facial muscle


    I hope this post doesn't sound too silly, however, in doing a search on clen a few months back, I remember reading in a post that mentioned that clen can cause a loss of facial muscle, causing the face to look sunken in (and not just due to fat loss)...any truth to this? Has anyone even read anything remotely similar to this?

    I am aware that one of the possible side effects is facial flushing (burning), but a loss of facial muscle???? Doesn't quite make any sense.

    Please respond with any feedback/info. Thanks.

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    never heard of that one, eally makes no sense to me either, fat loss in the face and the clenching of you jaw from clen , I would think would make it appear that way ie: less fat BIGGER jaw muscles.

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    losing a facial muscle? losing? as in disintegrating into nothing?

    doesn't happen.

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