I am now 20 years old, just got off a cylce of omnadren 250 (m-w-f) and deca 300 (m-w) I was on the cycle for about ten weeks and mixed in some d-bol tabs here and there. I came into this cycle at about 198lbs. after doing two cycle the previous year that took me from 170-200lbs. I reached 212lbs but didn't think i got the most out of this cycle and felt rather smaller and smoother. I finished this cycle last week and was going to wait about three weeks (taking some clomid) and then getting on a different cycle.
I was thinkin about prop, eq, winstrol , then alternating cyp with the prop. I was thinking prop every day, wintrol, eq (m-w-f) the stuff I have acesses to right now is made by aviator labs? Does any one have any advice for altering my physique for the better, i would like to get bigger, much bigger but look cut at the same time?