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    Clen Question

    Thanks to all who read and replied to my post concerning my intent to cycle, however, I am having some second thoughts and believe I may hold off on those cycles until atleast 21 years of age.

    However, I have a new idea.
    I am interested in beginning a Clen cycle in Hooker's outlined 6 week period of progression, for those who have not read it, it outlines a clen cycle which consists of
    Measure Body Temp in the morning before starting Clen (To get base rate - say 98.6f)

    Week 1 - 30mcg ed (Split in 10mcg 3 times per day)

    Week 2 - 60mcg ed (Split in 20mcg 3 times per day)

    Week 3 - 90mcg ed (Split in 30mcg 3 times per day)

    Week 4 - 120mcg ed (Split in 40mcg 3 times per day)

    Week 5 - 120mcg ed (Split in 40mcg 3 times per day)

    Week 6 - 120mcg ed (Split in 40mcg 3 times per day)

    Body temp will rise over the period but around week 3 it will have dropped to normal (Desensitised Beta-2 Receptors)
    This is now the time to use a Cationic ampiphylic drug such as Benadryl at around 50-100mgs/night before bed (every 3rd week or so, for that week)

    Would this proposed cycle be acceptable for a 20 year olf male?
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    I didn't read the original post but.... your not even 21 yet don't worry about putting anything in your body yet you've got the perfect chance to get all the gauging done that you need. Mess around with diet, and routines, and monitor the sh*t out of your self. See how you react to different things. Monitor BBT, BMR, BP, BF% different times and whatnot after different activities. Wait till your like 25 before you do anything. Trust me its not that far off.
    Just a thought.

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