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Thread: Life of D.bol

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    Exclamation Life of D.bol

    Hey everybody,

    I recently been given some pink thai d.bol not in their original packaging. I know they're the real deal 'cause I've compared their details to the pictures up on this forum.

    Cause, I have not got them in their orginal packaging, does anyone one know how long these orals are supposed to last?

    They were first originally purchased approximatly a year ago.

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    if you didnt get them in there package then there is no way you can tell if there real. the fakes look exactly the same. thats why id never buy off a source that sends loose pills. if i get a baggy full of pills there going right in the garbage.

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    Depends on the source. Some sell out of package and its legit 100% of the time. PM a couple of mods to see what their opinion of your source is.

    Think about it if there are 500 10mg pills in a bottle, and a source sells quantities of 100 or 500. They have to brake up a bottle to sell the lower quanitiy. I woul not worry as long as you can find a mod that says the person is legit and has a good rep.

    Dbol 2 years old is prob. still good. Maybe looses a little potency. Gotta keep them away from the sun and with something to absorb any moisture.
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