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    2nd cycle with sust

    my buddys starting his second cycle and would like to include sustanon in it. he has 20 amps of karachi sustanon and wants to know if 500mg a week is sufficient? meaning can he do a monday thursday shot? or does it have to be EOD?


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    you can do shots twice a week if you want but every other day just keeps your blood levels more stable.

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    500mg a week is good and yes mon/thurs.

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    i've found that a lot of people reccommend to run the sustanon EOD because of the prop content so you could actually shoot .5cc EOD which would work out to essentially the same thing.

    But from my experience with sus. i used the yellow organon/pakistans and had shot 500mg per week split up on monday and thursdays. i had awesome gains with that stuff, 500mg per week should be perfect for your buddy for a 2nd cycle.

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