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Thread: help???

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    anyone heard of an equipose 300mg in a 20ml bottle
    or deca 400mg in a 20ml bottle.....and the guy tells me hes not sure of the brand but assures me its great stuff.....any opinions?
    he also claims to have sust in a 10ml that possible, i was under the impression it only came in 1ml vials....any help appreciated.

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    ya its probably under ground. i have the same dosage eq in the same size bottle. i believe the deca i can get also comes like that. maybe pm a mod with the lab name to see if its legit

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    What your writing really doesnt make sense.

    Any amount of MG can come in any bottle, but its the mg/cc or mg/ml that matter.

    Example, you are writing about a fluid thats 300mg in a 10ml bottle. It SHOULD read, 300mg/ml, 10ml bottle.

    Which is it?>

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    i did mean per ml of course...sorry it wasnt clear...
    basically i didnt know if these were made by any company with that dosage per ml in a 20ml bottle...ill reply with more details when i get the bottles today...a friend is picking them up for me and i wont see them till he comes through...i just wanted to know if maybe that was a clue they were fake right off the bat, because i have never heard of or seen those dosages in that that size (20ml) of bottle...
    but thanks for your time big dog.

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