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    T3/Clen question

    Ok started T3 and Clen yesterday with a initial dose of 20mg T3 and 20mg clen, it kept me up all night last night so today I hit it right after my morning run and my protein bar. Same dosage and weird sides, like the shakes, a insatiable appetite and within an hour of eating I am starving again with the shakes (hypoglycemic?) All the sides I am having I have read about but do they subside or am I going to be up for the next 6 weeks????
    Any advice?

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    Your hands are shaking at 20 mg???? yea your going to be a lil jumpy for the next coupla weeks

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    Clen & T3 are synergistic together ...stay at low doses ....there is no need to shake. many people increase the dose way to fast. remember just because your not shake don't mean it's not working ...

    1) first thing in the am after your rat's protein shake.
    2) water is the trigger try to get your rat to drink 2 gallons of water a day.
    3) CLA 4 grams a day
    4) diet is the key carb deplete
    5) Multi vitamins double the daily recommended value
    6) cardio 1 hour a day in the morning

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