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Thread: the sickness

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    the sickness

    My friend is doing a cycle of prop and deca and has been feeling really sick for the first 10 days. He complains of flu-like symptoms constantly feeling run-down, but assures me that its normal for the first two weeks. What do you attribute that to, and what's a good way to minimize the effects?

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    Happened to me when I started turinabol ... Sick within 6 hours. Sneezing, sore throat, runny nose, stuffy headed... Adding test didnt make it better or worse.

    Now im coming up on a week and its almost subsided completely.

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    House of Pain
    are you guys getting a fever??? i hope not.

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    I got a Flu about 2-3 times per cycle when using QV. I recently switched to human grade and it's so smooth, no knots or sickness, matter of fact it's so painless I thought it was fake at first.

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