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    British Dragon 50mg winstrol doseage

    I got my uncle who is currently on a cypanate and anavar cycle some 50 mg winstrol . He is probally in his 4th week and just about out of anavar. He is taking about 400-600 mgs cypanate a week. I told him to take 50mg to 75mg of winstrol a day. I tried to do a search but had many contradicting doses of winstrol pills.
    WIll he be alright taking 50-75mg a day of winstrol ? WHat is the average doseage of winstrol pills. Yes he is taking his novadex and has clomid for PCT>

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    50mg is the effective dose. I noticed very good results when I got up to 100mg, but it all depends on his goals when deciding what dosage to run.
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    I have had good results with dosage 40 mg of oral Stanabol combiened with Dbol .

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSteroid
    I have had good results with dosage 40 mg of oral Stanabol combiened with Dbol.
    this is not a smart this to do. two orals are hard on the liver. never recomend this to someone

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