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Thread: Newbie question

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    Newbie question

    I will be taking my very first cycle soon. I'm 5'8", 200lbs, 28-yrs old, was a college athlete and have been working out since high school. I'm looking to put on some moderate muscle and not looking for huge mass gains. I'm mainly trying to change my body composition and be more competitive at the sports I participate in.

    I've done some homework and this is what I am proposing to take:

    Week 1 to 10: 500mg of Test E per week
    wk 13 - 40mg nolva+ 100mg clomid ed
    wk 14 - 30mg nolva+ 50mg clomid ed
    wk 15 - 20mg nolva+ 50mg clomid ed
    Week 1 to 10: 60mcg-140mcg Clenbuterol (pyramid up by 20 mcg), cycle off when appropriate


    Should the Nolva and Clomid be tampered down like this or just taken straight?


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    i run nolva at 20mg/day throughout pct, but clomid i taper down. most people start the clomid at a higher dose and taper down to 50mg.

    as far as the clen i can't help ya. i shred easily and haven't ever used the stuff

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