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    My Brothers Cycle!

    His stats: 24years old, 185cm, 95kg. bf:14-15%
    He has gone 1cycle before with testo enanthate 500mg ew and 30mg ed dbol for 12weeks. pct on nolvadex 30days.

    Week 1-8 50mg Eod winstrol depot.
    Week 1-8 100mg eod Testo Prop.

    His goal with the cycle is to Build and get harder look on his muscles.

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    The winny should definetly be shot or taken orally ED, EOD with prop is ok. Actually winny would be better if taken every 12 hours due to the half life. Also 8 week of winny is kinda long, hope he doesnt have joint problems...

    Other then that looks nice.

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