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    Fina Conversion--Dosage Yield

    If you convert 3 Fina carts, 2g ea., using a kit and the final yield is 57ml in the vial, how many mgs per ml would that give you? If the conversion were optimal, I assume it would be ~100mg/mg. But I doubt the cart conversion would extract 100% of the tren from the pellets. What conversion ratio should you expect with a typical conversion? Anyone ever do an analysis of this issue? Thanks in advance.

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    Wrong forum. You will get more replies if you post this in the lab. forum

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    so your using a 6g conversion kit?

    usually they say you yeild around 65 - 75mg if done correctly...
    and after converting and filtering you dont yeild 100% fina it would be nice to have 100mg a cc...

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    Figure 90% is a ballpark figure. Remember this is only an approximation. In other words, a "guess". So that would be 5.4 grams. You say you have 57ml finished product. Assuming 90% recovery, that would be 5400g/57ml = 94.736842105263157894736842105263mg/ml. Approximately. If you actually have 95% recovery, your gear will be exactly 100mg/ml. So just tell yourself that you got 95% recovery, pat yourself on the back, call it 100mg/ml, and there you are. You won't notice the difference.

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