I am about to begin a 2 week cycle of M1T at 10 mg a day and was curious to what would be best for me to take with it. Here was my plan


M1T 10mg a day for 2 weeks

CEX by VPX for 2 weeks

Muscle Nitrous by VPX for 2 weeks

Some type of Pro Liver, such as ALA and Milk Thistle


ZMA for test

Zupro for libido

and was not sure if I needed to throw in some 6-OXO or some Rebound XT for estrogen conversion

My questions are:

Would ALA be a good idea to take during my M1T cycle?

Is a supplement like 6-OXO or Rebound XT a necessary PCT for a 2 week cycle?

If so which is a better product, 6-OXO or Rebound XT?

Would ZMA be ok to take during my M1T as well as after?

Am I missing anything?

I thank you all for your help in advance!