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    Question on Clen

    First of all, I will be using Hooker's 6 week clen cycle with the benadryl every 3rd week for that week. My question is, is it safe to take clen in the morning before my cardio? I am gettin gmixed reports as to this, but to me it seems with the half-life of clen it is irrelevant, however some people say it is unsafe due to possible breathing complications. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance

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    i would take it after your cardio

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    i take it before working out and i'm fine. then again, i take 400+ on ave.
    the reason why some would say not to do it before cardio is because of the extra stress on your heart.

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    im taking 120 mg a day now and to be honest clen sucks for cardio ive tried taking it in the morning and doing the carido at night and cardio in the morning and taking the clen afterwards.Clen hardens your muscles so i guess its great for liftling but not for stamina because of the tention on your heart mixed with the hard muscles.

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