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    just got my t3/clen today from AR!

    today i started my t3 and clen intake, i took 60mcg of clen and 60mcg of t3.

    i was reading in the new clen handbook about not cycling off clen.

    so i just want someone to make sure i got this right, this is how i am going to take them both.

    i am going to keep uping the clen dose by 20mcg everyday till i reach my temperature goal then stay there for 8 weeks startight and every 3rd week i am going to take 100mg of benadryl everynight for that 3rd week, and for the t3 i am going to take it 2 weeks on two weeks off at about 100mcg a day depending on my temps.

    how dose this look??

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    youve got it backwards run the clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. And there is no real benefit to going over 100mg on either. You should of ramped both up starting at 20mg of each on day one then 40 then 60 I am at 80 (tomorow) my temp is up 1.5deg. and am starving all the time, having multiple bowel movements daily and have the shakes for about 4 hours after the hit. The first night I didnt sleep a drop. I found it a bunch better to take it right after breakfast.

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