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    Aspiration question...

    I did my first shot of Test E into my ass last night. When i aspirated, it was hard to pull the plunger back. When i did no blood came in but a pea sized bubble appeared. When i let go of the plunger it didnt suck back up and get rid of the bubble. Im wondering if some air got sucked in where the needle connects to the syringe. Is there air in muscles? Im not real sore, but its kinda scary... Did I do it right?

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    the neddle and syringe are two different parts. they can come apart to change out the niddle if desired. next time twist the needle tight to the syringe b4 you draw up. dont pull back so hard next time when u asparate. ive done the same lots of times you will be fine.

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    You did a good job bro.. you hit the muscle. If you hit a vein, the blood will flow in very easily rather than having trouble pulling back on the plunger. Aslong as you see a bubble in the screw mechanism of the syringe, youre ok!

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