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    Post Need some questions answered...Please help

    I am 21 years old around 5'7 and 170lbs....have been working out for a few years already....i havent been as strict as i used to be but i am just getting back into it....ive recently been running a lot and changed my eating because i want to lose some body fat....after i do i am thinking about doing a cycle of test E......and maybe finishing it off with questions are what should my weekly dosages consist of? what else would i have to take with the test E? and is this a good first cycle?.....i would appreciate everyones input because i want to do this right for the first time

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    I would make sure you do get back in the training groove first. Once you think you are ready, 300-500mgs/wk is good for a first cycle. 500 would be ideal in my opinion

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