hey everyone just wanted to introduce myself. i did alot of reading on this board and it looks like a great please to learn. you guys definitely know your stuff. hopefully you can help me out with my cycle. k here's the deal, i planned on doing an eq anavar cycle but decided to screw the anavar and go with eq prop. i am in my 3rd week now. i started my first 2 weeks of eq @400mg/week. i just started the prop this week, week 3 and plan on doing 400mg/week 100mg/eod. i have 5000mg of prop. i plan on running the prop 400mg in week 3 and then 500mg/week through weeks 4-12. i planned on running the eq @ 400mg/week from weeks 1-5 and then bumping it up to 500mg/week through weeks 6-11. how does that look? is there a better way to do it? i know eq stays in you for about 17 days i believe so i was thinking of running the test a week or a week and a half past my last eq shot. if i run it that way i would still have 100mg of prop left and could do an extra shot in the beginning of week 13. i also have 30ml bottle of 1mg/ml arimidex and clomid for pct. should i run the dex at 1ml eod? my goals are to drop some body fat and harden up. i am watching my carbs and doing cardio 4 times a week. my diet is clean. i am 5'10 180 pounds 24 years old. have done 3 prior cycles. i know i should have made up my mind before starting my cycle, but i didn't. i want to get the best results. i would appreciate any help how to make it better. thanks.