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    New workout i am hearing about

    I have been searching workout sites for a few days now, and read about these 2 workouts that people have been saying are incredible, one is DC, and one is "Phils". its a workout where u only do one exercise per muscle in a day, but do it three times a week, theory being after 6 sets of one muscle it is completly trained n anything more is just a waste of time, but a muscle is fully repaired in only 48 hours, so it is done 3 times a week, right now i am doing one muscle a day, n about 16 reps(about 4 or 5 diff exercises) for each muscle..NE one have any info or tried this workout? and am i not working each muscll enough only working it once a week?

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    DC is good for strength training imo... theres a work forum here bro check it out and psot this in there.

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