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    arimadex and sust

    ok i'm getting ready to get my next cycle together. i was doing 700mg prop per week and added 50mg tren ed but had to stop tren because of the sides and the prop kept giving me cellulitus so i'm switching it to sust 300. i'm going to do 900mg per week (300 eod). i was running nolva at 20 then 40mg ed but still had some problems. i've decided to go with arimedex this time. never used it and will still have nolva on hand. i figured i'd do 1mg ed because i'm sensitive to gyno. my question is will that be enough and i've also read that arimedex can limit gains for some people. discuss

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    There is a great new product put out by Designer Supplements, Rebount XT, you should take a look into that as A-dex can get pretty expensive at 1mg per day.


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    1mg I believe is overkill. You should start with .5mg and if you think thats not enough bump it up to .75 thats all you should need.

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