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    anavar dosage ???

    I just got my hands on 500 of the 5mg anavar tabs. I am 190 lbs and 4 months off from my last cycle and about 2 months away from starting my next cycle of SUST, EQ, FINA and WINSTROL . I wanted to take the var now before my cycle. Is that a good idea? and if so what dosages should i be taking and for how many weeks? I never took var before and want to do it right. please help.

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    Personally I would take 40mg a day, some people like to come of the gear with var, or bridg with it, I don’t think its much of a subsisted for dbol at the start of your cycle just M/O. read the Anavar FAQ A good read.

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    With 500 5mg pills you could run 50mg/ED for 7 weeks.

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