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    Mixing Sust, Winny and Prop? need help

    i have 300 winstrol tabs (10ml each), 18 ml of sust and about 10 ml of testosterone proprionate, along with 3 shots of HCG . what do u think of this cycle?:

    Wk 1- 3 ml sust, 1 ml prop
    Wk 2- 3 ml sust, 1 ml prop
    Wk 3- 3 ml sust, 1 ml prop
    Wk 4- 3 ml sust, 1 ml prop, 80 mg winstrol (per day)
    Wk 5- 3 ml sust, 1 ml prop, 80 mg winstrol (per day)
    Wk 6- 3 ml sust, 1 ml prop, 80 mg winstrol (per day)
    Wk 7- 2 ml prop, 80 mg winstrol (per day)
    Wk 8- 2 ml prop, 80 mg winstrol (per day)
    Wk 9- start week at 70 mg winstrol, decrease each day by 10 ml

    *at end of Wk 9 i would take a shot of HCG, then again 5 days later followed by one final shot 5 days after that.

    any advice would be greatly appreciated. Im hoping to add ecent size, whilst keeping as hard as i can, and hope to maximise the gains i keep after. cheers brothers!

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    Sus needs to be run longer than 6 weeks, 10 weeks at the least.

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    you are spliting up the sus shots arnt u ? say monday weds fri,and no real need for the prop early on its already in the sus.

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    This is how I would do it:

    wk 1-10 Sust 250mg E4D
    wk 1-10 Prop 75mg E4D (but inbetween the sust shots, this way you are injecting EOD)
    wk 11-13 Prop 100mg EOD
    wk 8-13 Winny 50mg ED

    PCT 3 days after last prop shot, 3 weeks after last sust shot, 1 day after last winny

    *Sounds confusing, but if you know anything about sust with prop, I believe this is the best way to do it.

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