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    DBol not worth taking?

    Hi guys, I have been looking over this site from time to time and see or at leaste read that this Dbol gear is not worth it, or so it seems, you lose it all after you cycle down from it? if this is true it hardly seems worth taking in the first place, unless you have bad joints as some have said.

    So am I missing something here or what?

    Just wanted another opinion, flame me if you like I may have missed this answer along the way.


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    we all bash old d-bol and his buddy Anadrol ... I pee them both out fairly quickly... but I still use them....

    say i start a 12-16 week cycle where i am using long acting esters like test E, EQ, DECCA... whatever... well what alot of us do is jumpstart the cycle with bol or drol they give fast gains in strength and size, and to me its better that waiting around for the other stuff to kick in....

    and as a Jumpstart they seen alot more benificial, and getting the worst of bloat and side effects over early seems ok too...

    I am doing a test e/ Tren / Eq cycle right now with a d-bol jump start... its day 3 and I already felt like i could flip small cars over yesterday... toady I am going to eat a school bus full of elementery school kids....

    yes seems drastic, but they are full of protien and I am hungry...

    d-bol is great!

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    Remeber dbol has different uses. Jumpstarting a bulker, bridging cycles, even low doses for cutting.

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    and remember: arnold loved them breakfast for champions.....mmmmmmmmhhhhh d-bols!

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    Well then, nuff said, thanks guys.

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    sorry to kinda highjack - but how would you bridge with Dbol ?? At what dose ?? Im just coming off an 11week bulking cycle and in another 10 weeks Ill start cutting, so can I use Dbol in between ?????

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