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    been a while since i posted but back in the AAS game...some input plz.

    Hey guys its been 14 months since i came last cyc was test 500mg fina 75 mg eod...(was a 10 weeker...)with proper PCT...

    Was at my all time best when I came off and for the next couple of months...However my life I went thru a lot of change and fell off somewhat..

    I was at my best at 6'3 227# at around 9% bf....

    When my issues came into play...had relationship problems and moved 1500 miles from my old home ...things just went somewhat south on problem was that i trained with less intensity and didn't eat enough...

    Fell to about 212 or so with about 12-13% bf..(man that was/is disappointing)

    Now that I've straightened myself out I am doing much better...Diet is doing great eating good and training hard..not cutting myself short...

    I even ordered a cycle in October of 04'...But didn't touch it because I knew I would be cutting myself short if i did it....Now we are at April 1st almost and am ready to take the plunge again....

    This is what I have will be my 5th cycle.

    3 -10cc Bottles of Test Cyp 250MG/cc (UG stuff)
    3 -10cc Bottles of EQ 200MG/cc

    and proper PCT of course...

    Do you think I should add anything to this (i.e fina would be the only thing i'd add possibly,)??Or jus Keep it simple which is what I like to do and break it up which way...

    Looking to add about 12-15lbs and drop a couple % bf...

    Let me know bros what ya think...

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    well, looks like you could run it like this best IMO...

    wks 1-15:

    test cyp 500mg/wk (divided into 2x a week)
    eq 400mg/wk (divided into 2x a week)

    That would be a pretty decent cycle. Of course, like you said, lots will depend on diet, training, rest, etc.



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    Bump for anymore.

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