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    really really really need some help!!!!PCT probs

    iv two weeks left of my first course, 4ml of deca /wk (9weeks), 3ml primo/wk and 1ml of sus every three days. iv heard loads of diiferent things bout when to start PCT sum say immediately after the course, some say, 4 weeks and some say to wait until your sex drive drops. iv got HCG and clomid ready but am unsure of the timing as to when to take them. any help would be great. as am really worried bout loosing my gains and sex drive

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    PCT start times

    All info is here

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    start taking your hcg right now, do 500 iu 3X a week, until the week before your PCT.

    After that because you're using deca you need to wait 3 weeks after you stop the deca to start your pct. If you have another 2 amps of sust, and an extra few ml's of primo you can run those ONLY the week after you stop your deca. Then, wait two more weeks, and start your PCT.

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