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Thread: My first Cycle

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    Smile My first Cycle

    My first cycle is 350mg Test Cyp per week, along with 200mg of Boldenone per week. I have cut back on the carbs and increased on protien to 260 grams per day. About me I'm 6'5 262lbs. I have been on this program for four weeks. Looking at 12lb overall gain to this point. Looking to increase mass and harden up. Will this do the job for starters? What would you follow this up with? Thanks ahead for the input.


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    I am gonna do a similar first cycle, but at the advise of others on this forum, I will be doing 500mg of Test and 400mg of Eq (Boldenone ) for 13 weeks. Check the link for some cycle suggestions. If you have already started the above cycle, you may want to get some more advice before adjusting the levels as changes can create sides.

    Cycles for the Newbie

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    i'd raise both the boldenone and the test to 500mg ew
    and try to up your protein intake at 262 lbs you should intake at least393gms of protein ed
    try to make the bulk of your protein intake from real food instead of shakes
    shakes are just like mortar they keep the bricks (solid food) together
    in other words real food is needed as your main protein source
    dont forget your omega 3's
    and enjoy your cycle

    how long you runnin' it for???

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    My first Cycle.

    I'm going to run this cycle for 13 weeks. It looks as though I may look at increasing the dosage after some research. I was alos going to start Winstrol injectable 100mg at week 8 to complete the cycle. Any suggestions on this? Anyway what would be the real reasoning for the increase in dosage? Will the effects be more noticable, will this increase my gains? Just curious to your alls thoughts. Thanks again for the input.


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    The dosages are a little low, but you have already gained 12 lbs in 4 weeks i would say you are doing fine. IMO i would save the winny for another cycle, on your first cycle there is no need to add to many compounds, keep it simple because you will grow as long as diet and training are on.

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    def bump the test and boldenone up to 500 like gr8one said. have you got your pct stuff?

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