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Thread: D-Bol Safety

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    D-Bol Safety

    5'11'' 160lbs. Never taken any steroids . I want to buy a month supply of oral D-Bol on "" I cant seem to find any information on the side effects or safety of the product. I only want to take 2 months of the supplement to add a few pounds of weight and give me a kick.

    My main question is, will 2 months of this product cause my body harm????


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    Wont harm you if you do it right, but you also will see minimal gains ('legal' dbol wont do crap for you man, its really weak), and the gains will IMMEDIATELY dissappear when you stop taking the stuff.

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    Do some more research on this message board before you consider anything. Look at the diet and workout section for people who have the same goals as you.

    "legal dbol " what is that?

    Probably not steroids and this is the steroid section. Real dbol is great for a jumpstart to a cycle where you have to wait for other compounds to kick in. Usually use for 4 weeks.

    Some people have had success with dbol only but I only use it as a kickstart. That way its only 4 weeks and at a reasonable dose.

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    The crap from is just that ... crap.... i have used it and it is not worth the $80. I used it before i ever got on the real stuff and wasted alot of money on it.

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    just dont do a dbol only cycle.......

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    do not do will die......

    If you don't believe could use the search button and see for yourself

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    Thanks for the replys so far! Even though i'm still considering taking a month supply or oral d-bol. I know people said it wont work, but i'm still gonna try.

    I'm just really scared about the safety of the pills. I've been trying to do research on the subject but the computers I am using have blocks that wont allow me to search certain websites. So I'm relying on you guys, what do you see happening in 2 months? Increased Blood Pressure? Liver damage? I really have no idea, please fill me in!!!

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