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    getting across tj

    i have been across the san diego/TJ border a bunch and I dont think they have metal detectors... also do the aluminum tops of vials even set of metal detectors?

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    If aluminum is a METAL.......i dont see why a METAL detector wouldnt detect it.

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    since so many of us home brew stuff and because BA is cheap, you could always take a really well sterilized shampoo bottle across in a back pack, but cross over somewhere else and then you could pour your entire cycle into the bottle.... when you come back across make sure you have soap, deoderant condoms ect in the bag... they wont even ask...

    then just add a few ML of BA and filter it all into a 200ml vial when you get home... now if you need to end EQ a week before you end the test, well I dont know what to tell you....

    or just buy 10ml vials and put them in balloons and stick em up yer arse... ( honestly you crap waaaay bigger ) but I suggest you do the very best thing... hire a mexican to run it across for you....

    Buy a ton of it, take a 50$ bill tear it in half and tell him he gets the other half when he meets you across the border...

    I had the guy carrying like 12 50ml bottles, 2000 pills and a bunch of 10mls...

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