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    why no GH in pwder form???

    I dont know alot about growth hormone , I was under the impression that GH today is all synthetic ( no cadavers ) can we expect to ever see it sell by the gram from china????

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    Common lore is that it's too delicate to be sold in huge quantities like that. It's a peptide hormone, not a steroid hormone, and as a result is much less tolerant to heat, humidity, cold, etc.

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    It only comes in powder form. It's such a small ammount that it has to be preweighed out and put into a vial for a low ammount of ius, 4/8/15 etc. If you bought a gram you'd have to reconstitute all of it at once and you'd never be able to use it before it expired. It's kinda like IGF-1 LR3, you buy that 1mg at a time prewieghed and put into a vial, if you bought a gram of IGF-1 it would last you too long and probably expire before you got to use it, although it stays viable much longer than HGH once reconstituted.

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