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    the gym

    A typical day for Stayinstacked on a cutting phase

    gear being run- 100 mg prop/day, 500 mg EQ/wk, 150mg tren eod, clen . Got some T3 I will start Fri.

    breakfast 7:30a- 10 egg whites, 1 whole egg scrambled w/ salsa
    1/2 cup dried oats

    mid morning- 10:15a- 1/2 lb chicken breast, 1 serving brown rice, 1 serving mixed veggies

    lunch 12:15p- 1/2 lb venicin burger marinated in low fat italian dressing
    2 caps of flax oil

    mid afternoon 3:15p- 1/2 lb chicken breast, 2 caps of flax oil

    6:00p- 1/2 lb chicken breast, grapefruit w/ splenda on it

    9:00p- 1/2 lb of Talapia fish covered in a sauce made from egg whites, 5 Ritz crackers, and low fat honey mustard, 1 serving brown rice, 3 spoonfulls of natty peanut butter

    1 gallon of water today as it was a non training day(1.5-2 on training days) 1 12oz black coffee this morning, 1 diet Mountain Dew this afternoon.

    I cant go to sleep, I'm ****ing starving!!!

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    I have been taking Dietex with hoodiax.....its works real good so far. I take my doses later in the night because of exactly the same problem.

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    The not being able to sleep due to hunger.

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