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    Add Winny to My Research?

    Below is a description of some research I'd like to conduct. What do you guys think? I'm particularly interested in whether you think it wise to include the winny. If you think it should be added, is 4 weeks enough? If not, how many weeks? 4? 6? Maybe the Var should be run earlier and the winny run later in the cycle?

    All comments are welcome and will be appreciated. However, I would like to avoid a debate on the question of Halo toxicity. I've researched that to death and it seems to me that M1T is definitely more toxic, and Tren is potentially more toxic, than Halo. And we all know how popular M1T and Tren are. The overlap between the Halo and Var in weeks 11 & 12 could be an issue though (stacking two orals). But I think I've got the liver protection covered. So I'm not too concerned there.

    I'm 42 (maybe too old for winny?), 5' 7.5', 203lbs and 14% bf. I have cycled before. This was going to be a lean bulker for the first half and a cutter for the second half. But now I think I'll just run a straight cutter with a goal of dropping below 10% bf while holding onto as much LBM as possible. Maybe end up around 190lbs, post research. The diet is very clean and pretty much dialed-in (500 cals below maintenance with 45% lean protein 35% low GI carbs and 20% fat, mostly from EFA's). Cardio is done 1 hour a day x 5-6 days a week.

    1-12 Test Enan 500mg wk
    1-12 4-OHT cyp 400mg wk
    1-10 Tren Acetate 75mg day
    1-3 Superdrol 30mg/day
    1-4 1,4 AD 900mg day
    3-6 Winny 50mg day (injectable)
    7-12 Anavar 36.5mg/day
    11-14 Halo 45mg day
    4-12 T3 & Clen combo, alternating 14 days on/7days off
    13-16 LR3 IGF-1 (would straddle the last two weeks of cycle and first two weeks of PCT)
    1-14 Arimidex (.5mg ED during week 1 and .25 EOD weeks 2-14)
    1-14 B6 200mg ED
    1-14 Liv.42, ALCAR, NAC, K-R-ALA, B Complex, B12, Vit C & E, Selenium, Zinc, multimineral formula ED
    Nolva/Letro/Dostinex on hand
    PCT would be the standard Pheedno protocol

    As noted above, all thoughts and insights would be most appreciated. Thanks.

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    I would run the winni 6-12.

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    The more drugs the better.

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    I would drop the winny and run the Var all the way through. However if you do decide to run winny, run it from week 9-14 at 50mg ED and run the var from week 1-8. Start PCT 1 day after last winny 2 weeks after last test e shot

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    I like the idea of running the Var first and the winny on the backend. Bump for more input. Anyone else?

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