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    Genetically Declined!!!

    I wasn't sure if this belonged here or in diet but here goes....

    I am 21 and have been working out for about 5 years. I started at about 180 body fat of about 30%. With diet and excersise..(no steriods to young) I got my body fat down to about 15 and my weight went down to about 160. That was about 2 years ago. Then I was sick of being so skinny. There wasn;'t much muscle due to the type of dieting I was doing. Slim fast and low fat meals. But no mater hiow skinny I was I never had definition. Just Small looking. Now I have been eating like a monster for the last 2 years and working out hard having protien shaked and eating alot.. but of very nutritional food. I am 195 now. Body fat is at about 15% No matter how hard I try I can't get any definition. I get muscular but therer is always like a layer of fat over all my muscles. Including my abs that on a good day in the right lighting you will see. LoL My arms legs and chest are all pretty big for my size but I just can't melt the layer of fat off my body.

    My main question is Are people genetically programmed so they can never loose that layer of "baby fat" around there muscles?

    That is the best way I can put it. Does anyone else have this problem. Give me your critisism good or bad. I will do anything to get rid of this "THICK SKIN" I call it.

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    Im kinda have that same problem bro, its probably your diet. You need to eat very clean to get that look. Now as for me...I do not eat clean, im just always trying to bulk. Once i get up to my desired weight i will cut.

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    First congrats on some of your success. Yes, genetics does play a key role in the scheme of things. Post in the workout & diet forums to get more replies. And lastly, yes 90% have that same problem.

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    Same deal for me.

    IF you want that look you need to have a PERFECT diet. Some people always have that look, but we have to work hard for it.

    You say your diet is ok, and it might be, but post it up in the diet forum and get it critiqued, there's always room for improvement. And if you're having as much trouble as you claim, likely theres much room for improvement.

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    diet n cardio.

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    yeah right
    cardio 4-5 x a week for 40 minutes- just do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And take your vitamins, brother!

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    some folks just get huge in the gym... I get very sculpted and ripped very easily, some get strong quick, some build endurance very fast... and some folks are fighting an uphill battle all the way...

    But eventually with the right diet and training... and drugs It seems like you can almost reprogram your body.

    congrats man... and stay away from d-bol and anadrol , if you juice stick to eq, prop and tren and anavar ... they will help with lean gains...

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