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    some cycle input?

    whats up 511 212 right now around 14-16% bf, and i need soem advice on what to take...

    i am currently on bd's test ene at 500mg a week..i was planning to do this for ten weeks and throw in tren at week five for 7 weeks, im at wek 4 of the test and ive reconsidered and i think i want to do the tren later on, what should i take to extend my cycle, some deca ?, more test, eq?
    also after i take something else can i take the tren at the end?

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    You would have to add more test. Don't run the tren past the test, in fact stop the tren 1 or 2 weeks would be best, before the test to aid in recovery.

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    just stick to test. make sure your diet is good.

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    lol im not telling :D
    Quote Originally Posted by soo2bhuge
    just stick to test. make sure your diet is good.
    amen .. diet is 80% IMO

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