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Thread: **Please help**

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    Wink **Please help**

    Hello everyone: Just wanted to thank everyone for all their help beforehand.
    Ladies and Gentemen I really need help. I have been lifting for about 3 years 5 days a week. I shed about 65 lbs. I now weigh 210lbs with a b/f of 15%. I have a company party coming up at the beach and my ex-girlfriend wil be at the party with her new bofyfriend. I want to look very cut and hard because I still love her and I want to show her what she's missing. The party is in July and I am in desperate need of help. Never tried roids, do not know where to get them and not sure what to try. People have listed so many different opinions and it has caused me to become more confused. Also are there any natuaral supps? I do not want any hard side effects and want something in a pill form. I know people don't like to say what their sources are, but what can I do? Please help a man in love. Thank you everyone.

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    good luck!

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    Sounds like you've come a long way. If you need a little boost you could run an ECA. Make sure you're doing cardio for 1hr a day 5-7 days a week and take a really close look at your diet. You don't need drugs to get where you want to be. Post your cutting diet up in the diet forum and get the bros there to review it, that will benefit you more than anything I bet.

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    Ok my man. First of all I hope you make that guy with your girl look like a pencil necked weenie and you can look him in the eye and he has the fear of God in him.

    Now on to how you do it. Roids in my opinion should only be used by those who will compete. You need to be very educated in the different types, their usage, combining them and how to go off cycle and recover from that with no negative side effects. You are not ready yet if you dont have that knowledge.

    but you are not out of luck. Creatine, Glutamine and whey protein are what you need to be using on a daily basis. Creatine will give you great strenght gains and glutamine is a must no matter if you are a pro bodybuilder or the average joe. The whey protein will help build mass and protect your muscle especially after hard workouts.

    Train hard, lift heavy and use that aggression and the though of your girl with that other idiot to fuel the fires. Get your diet in order and keep the carbs appropriate but dont cut them out or you will be so pissed off and such a jerk your plan might back fire on you.

    You can do anything you want as long as you truly belive 100%.

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    277 Clen and T3.. then run a lot, keep protien up and cut carbs a bit while doing lots of cardio.. good luck

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    You guys are awesome thanks.

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    good luck bro

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