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    I have 4weeks left on my cycle, want to add!

    Im going to go of a cycle of testo E 500mg/pw and deca 400mg/pw in 4weeks, can i add winnie depot 50mg eod the last 4weeks?
    Should that do me more vaskular or harder?

    After my pct im going to be of the roids for 8-12week and next cycle is going to be winnie/tren /prop, so i just want to see how the winstrol injects feels and see what results it gives me during dose 4 weeks.
    Thats the reson i want to add winne in the end of my cycle.

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    If your gonna add winnny for only 4 weeks then I would definetly do 50mg ED not 50mg EOD or else its basicallly a waste. Why dont you add prop for about 3 weeks after your last enan shot that way you can be "on" leading right up to PCT.

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