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    cell receptors over-stimulated

    Have any of you guys had a problem with taking so much AAS that you over-stimulate your cell receptors and your body stops responding. This hasn't happened to me, but I'm just curious as to exactly HOW MUCH gear it would take to cause this to happen.

    I am currently running Sust-750 mg/wk., Deca -600 mg/wk. and Dianabol tabs-12/day (Dianabol is 5 mg/tab).

    I have used all of these products more than once before. Last time I used this particular cycle I was running Sust-500/wk, Deca-400/wk, and Dianabol-8 tabs/day.

    I am 5'8", 190 lbs. and about 12% bf. if that makes a difference. I am currently on my 4th cycle. Thanks guys.

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    I'm not sure about the question you are asking but 60mg of dbol a day is a very high dose and I would recommend dropping it to 50 at the most.

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    The thing with the androgen receptor is it's not found on the cell membrane. As such, there is difficulty in it's down regulation. The AR are dissolved in the cytosol inside the cell, the steroids bind, and are taken into the nucleus.

    I suppose you could saturate your receptors with enough gear that there were extra AAS molecules floating around with no AR to bind to, but I have no idea how much gear it would take and neither does anybody else. It's completely dependent on the person. And you'll never determine it scientifically either. Just because your gains stop doesn't mean it's a consequence of saturated receptors. There are many factors.

    hope this helps

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    The above comment is absolutely correct. The biggest reason for this however is that people dont take enough time off between cycles or they are crazy enough to bridge cycles. Just like recovery time during the training week, your body needs recovery time from steroids . simply taking 8 to 12 weeks off will not suffice and the next cycle wont have the gains, people start to wonder if their gear is legit and they are frustrated. I personally take 3 grams of test per week, 50mg Dbol , 400mg EQ and 200mg Deca and I have no problems what so ever and I dont even take Nolva or anything and I have never had any signs of Gyno. My buddy can not go over 1 gram or his nipples hurt so bad he cant stand it. Its all genetic and individual.

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