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    So thats where my appitite went....

    I have been laboring for days to stick another peice of chicken or sweet tater or cottage cheese in my mouth... I have been trying, drinking at least 160G of protien a day just in shakes... but my appitites been crap...

    $hit... I left it at taco bell, I just spent 20$ at the drive thru and couldnt wolf it down fast enough... My turds have been hard like marbles and black as can be from mainly adding so much protien ( I am new to being good to my body )...

    I need some healthy alternitives to the usual BB food...

    I am at 10% or less bf and alway have been, so the taco bell wont hurt me once in a while, but I need some good stuff to cook at home...

    well at least I ate... LOL

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    bro i eat steaks ,brown rice, wheat bread,no fat mayo,suggar free jelly&penut butter,
    chicken,salmon,shrimp,baked potato,lotsa water,tuna,etc.

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    If you are bulking up then its not a big deal to every once in a while hit some of that stuff. I cant do it anymore I feel sick if I have that much fat, but there are alternatives like going to a BBQ place or Boston Market etc. They have some great tasting food, high in protein etc. and you can have a break from the traditional chicken breast. Even stuff like sprinkling splenda on your yams makes them taste like candy and can trick yourself into thinking you are cheating. Just play around with it and find what works best for you while keeping the fat (especially trans fat) to a minimum.

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