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    Ready To Increase Dosage

    Alright guys, I have done a couple cycles in the past few years. All of which have been pretty mild, I think. Everytime I usually do 500 of test E or TEST PROP a week and usually stack it with 400-600 of EQ and finish up with winstrol 50 mg a day. The problem is, is that I never really gain that much weight. DOn't get me wrong, I gain about 10 lbs and lose about 5-10 lbs of fat, but I never get scary jacked (to me anyway). I've seen people (friends of mine) take just TEST E by itself at 500 mg a week and gain 10-15 lbs in 3-4 weeks. Could it be that test just doesn't react that well in my body? I think 750 mg a week is the ANSWER, Let me know what you guys think. ANyone made the 500- 750 jump and noticed a big difference? Byt he way my diet and cardio are in check. THANKS

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    I didn't notice much difference between 500mg and 1000mg, but thats just me, go for it if you feel its right

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    If your gains aren't that much, then i would go to at least 750mg.

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    I had similar issues and slowly increased the amount until I felt it really kicking in. Now I am on 3g test E per week and I feel awesome. Bloodwork is still perfect, I dont even use Nolva or anything and never showed any signs of gyno or anything. This is purely down to the individual. Some people have a higher tolerance to test. My buddy cant take more than 1g but if I only use 1g I make very little gains. When I boost up to 3 then we are talking good stuff. I would work in increments of 500mg and do it every 2 weeks to allow for the effect to kick in. Always have Nolva handy just in case but dont take it unless needed or you will supress some of your gains.

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    Why not try to max your cal or protein intake before trying to max your steroid dosages? I mean c'mon 3g of test a week!!
    You can always eat more. If you're not feeling like you have to throw up at every meal, then you're not eating enough. Most people can gain 10lbs in that time frame naturally. You simply gotta stuff more cals in bro.
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