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    On prop going away for a week.

    I will be going on prop soon and I plan to be flying somewhere this summer and I don't want to chance bringing it. Can I just shoot enanthate maybe a week before I go so it will become active for the week I am away? Is my timing right-should I be worried about increased sides? Thanks in advanced.

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    If it was enth you were on missing a week of shots wouldn't be that big of a deal but prop is a different story.
    If you were on enth and prop you could just skip the prop and the enth would hold u till u got back but your not so I really don't think there's much u can do.
    I would just take 2cc's before the day u leave.

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    You could shoot the enth but unless you shoot it early enough it wont do you much good. You could shoot a higher amount - like 400 mg and with a 4 day half life that will sustain you for a week with no problems at all.

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