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    Need Help with order

    This is my first post. So I would just like to start by saying this board kicks @ss there is alot of good info on this board I have learned alot here in the last 2 wks.

    Now here is my problem. I put in an order 3 weeks ago for T4, Deca 300, Clomid and Nolvi. 2 weeks ago it shipped and its been sitting in customs for the last 8 days. Its never tacken this long to clear customs before. Has anybody else out there had this problem?

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    Yeah I had a similar issue once, and it was not a nice feeling at all. The problem with ordering vials is that they are very easy for them to determine what they are and very difficult for you to claim a mistake was made. If you decide to order gear and take that risk you should be very sure where its coming from, who is providing it etc. A much better alternative would be to make your own.

    I hope it works out for you.

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    I am waiting myself. My order has been there for 11 days . Be patient and it will come...

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    I've lost a package (not aas) to customs for 3-4 weeks before, it did come eventually... who knows what those customs officers do with your pack for weeks at a time, if theres a hole in one side of the box and it smells like the lotion your gf uses... don't open it.

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