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    Advice needed for cycle

    I am about to start my 2nd cycle and wondered if someone would be able to give me some advice. I have made very good gains naturally over period of over 10 years and 2 years ago I ran a very short cycle of dbol , deca and sustanon . I am currently 210lb and am hoping to gain some additional mass to help finish my physique.

    I have been able to obtain 10 amps of Omnadren 250, and 10 amps of testosteronum prolongatum 100 mg which I have discovered is test enanthate .

    Initially I just had the omnadren which I was going to run at 250 wk1, 500 wk2-6, 250 wk 7.
    But now I have the extra 10 amps of enanthate which I may or may not use.

    I have arimidex and nolvadex which I was going to run at .25 arimidex daily, 10 possibly 20mg nolvadex daily, as I am very sensitive to gyno even as a teenager

    I also have 1 box of 24x 50mg clomid

    I am cautious about hairloss and have several tubs of spironolactone, azelaic acid and several bottles of nizoral shampoo.

    Any advice on whether my omnadren only cycle would be effective, whether or how I should add the enanthate or whether my anti estrogen doses are sufficient would be greatly appreciated.

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    bro you dont have enough juice for a full cycle and your inject doses are way off
    please do a little research and let us know what you come up with

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    ok Ive only got the 10 amps of omnadren and the 10 amps of enanthate . So maybe 10 weeks at 250mg omnadren, 100mg enanthate would seem better. what do you reckon? this is all the juice ive been able to buy, shame I couldnt get more

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    not doing a proper cycle will most likely do u more harm than well.. your shutting your natural production down to do a half assed cycle, by the time u begin to see results(which will be very minimal) youll have to come off and work hard to keep up,which in my opinion isnt worth shutting down your system for something so minimal.. you should save what you have and then build on top of it with more aas as you come across them.. but make sure you try to get same stuff ,you dont wanna do 100mgs a week of 20 different compounds, itll just put you back in the same scenario lol.. hope i helped and good luck

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