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Thread: D-bol safe?

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    D-bol safe?

    Generally speaking, how safe is d-bol in low doses for a short period of time? I'm thinking about adding it for the first 4 weeks of a low dose test en/deca cycle. Good idea? How much would I have to take for an effective low dose booster? And what additional supplements would be good to take with it besides, of course, milk thistle?
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    I just posted a threed on my d-bol experience
    its called
    D-bol$ r GGGGREAT!!!!
    check it out

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    I saw it, bro. Sounds like one of the answers for you. Congrats.

    Can anybody answer my questions?

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    d-bol is not to good on the liver bro, if ur going to use it while on i would run some milk thysil just to be on the safe side and drink the $hit out of the water

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    I was not sure of taking it myself. I did test only first. It was very beneficial to my later cycle. I think as long as you stick to 4 weeks and a low dose 30-40mg it is a very effective jump start. Of course some people have blood pressure issues with it. It is out of the system fast so if you can always stop if you don't like the feel. I loved it and it was nice to feel some strength and weight benefits those first few weeks.

    Def. take some milk thistle (1000mg a day) while on.

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    If it wasn't for the sides that I get, I liked it. It effected my breathing real bad to the point that it would wake me up in the middle of the night cause I could not catch my breath. Also, my BP went up a good bit. Once I quit it took about a week for my breathing go back to normal. The strength gains were great while on though. I won't be taking it anymore. I am going to try oral turinabol in place of dbol next cycle.

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