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Thread: Fake Dbols

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    Fake Dbols

    I recently just picked up 300 dbols and they werent the usual ones i am used to getting. i usually got the thai dballs with the snake on the back. Now the ones i got have nothing on the back and only a line going down the middle of the dbol they are 5 sided and they didnt break easily when i tried to crush them but when i let them dissolve in my mouth the didnt taste as strong as the thais. So i am a little skeptical and am not sure if these are legit i looked at the pictures of the real dbols and they had the ones i have they called them anabols but i wanted to hear some feedback from people who may have tkaen the ones i have now or if someone has taken both and could tlell me if there is a difference in taste and potency. thanks

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    There are two types of Dbol that fit the description that you gave. There are the Anabol, and there are some called Melic. The Melic Dbols are a little darker than the Anabol. There are quite few fakes for the Anabol, but I would just try them and see for yourself.

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