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    OTC Laxatives vs. Prescription Diuretics

    I had a competition last year and I could not get a hold of prescription diuretics, so I just went to my local drug store and bought some otc laxatives and diuretics. I came in pretty lean due to the laxatives bc I was excreting out mainly water whenever i took a dump. I have never taken prescription duiretics but just the combination of otc laxatives and otc diuretics for that show. I wondering if anyone had any experiences like I have and if I should just take prescription diuretics instead of the combination of the otcs.

    I have been researching this forum on prescription diurectics and people that compete where I workout and they have told me to get aldactone or demadex. Many of them informed me to avoid Lasix since it is not potassium sparing. Also, if I were to take aldactone or demadex I should not take in too much potassium.

    Anyways, I just wanted to know if anyone knew w/c one works better otc diuretics and otc laxatives vs. prescription diuretics. Also, if you think prescrption diuretics then w/c one?
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