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    Need Some Help With Second Cycle!!!

    Hi BoyZ!
    Stats: 6`0, 214pounds, bf:13%, 22yo. first cycle testo500,deca400,dbol50 12weeks.
    The goal with this cycle is to build musclemass, but without to much fat and water involved, and also i want some strenght.

    Second Cycle:
    Week.1-6 50mg ed Winstrol .
    Week.1-12 600mg/pw Testo Cypionate .
    Week.1-12 400mg/pw EQ.
    Week.1-12 25mg ed Proviron .
    Pct starts week 15 and is on Clomid and nolva for 30days.

    Does the proviron block out most of the water?
    I want HCG in the cycle i thinked about 1000iu/pw for the last 5weeks???
    Should i skip the winstrol at the start and have it w.8-14 instead?
    Something else a thought about was parabolan . how much and how long for effect in my cycle???

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    you shold run the test a week longer then the eq. winny should be at the end of the cycle. i dont think you realy need hcg on a 12 weeks cycle. if you do wont to run it i would do it week 6 at 1000ui eod.

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    you can end cyp and EQ together. But yes run the winny from week 10-15

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