Summers comming n its that time for all of us, CUTTING SEASON, I am about 6'1 and 193 pounds, no idea about body fat but def dont have ne abs, but decent definition in other muscles, i have recently revamped my workout,right now i am not on ne supps (besides protein shakes) but prob going on lean extreme, susathin, n a main fatloss pill(ie lipo 6, hydroxy, i am very volitle to caffine so i gotta find one that wont drive me crazy)) my diet is about 215 grams of protein, 75 carbs, nots ure about cal /fat but all i really eat is tuna, chicken, steak, wheat bread,eggs, oatmeal the usual) ight well heres my workout what do u guys think about my diet n workout?


FLAT DUMBELL- X12 10 8 6 12
INCLINE DUMBELL- same, the 8 and 6 r done so that the last rep is exhaustion
DECLINE BENCH- 3 X12 (last one is almost exhaustion
Chest press 3X12- done very slow and really flex my chest to get a good stretch

TUESDAY- Cardio/ Abs/ Stretching

WED- BACK/Cardio/

Hit lat row- 4x12
Lat pull down(wide) 4X12
Row machine(inside grip_ 4x12
that machine u load the weights on the front, then step up n the platform n pull it up kind alike a deadlift- 4X12
I lay down flat on an incline bench on my stomach and do raises- 3X10

THURS. - Cardio/Abs

Military smith machine(front) 12 10 8 6 12(same as my benches)
arnold presses- 3x10
side raises(palms foward) 3x10
front raises(bar) 3X10
Skull crushers- x10 x8 x6 x10
ezbar pushdown-3x10
rope pull down-3X10
another tricep excercise on the pec deck- 3X10

SAT- Bis/legs/abs
ezbar sitting curls- 3x10
long bar- 12 10 8 6 12 same as bench
standing curls(start off palms facing side then come up and have them facing chest)3X10

incline bech curls(palms always fcing foward 3 X 10

WELL THERE IT IS, MY WORKOUT, It really seems to work for me meaning i enjoy my workouts, n my body seems to react very well to it, how do my supps, training, and diet look?