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    Arrow Test Enant and fever????????????

    Whats up guys, i started my cycle 3 weeks ago and its going great. Im taking 750mgs test enant (QV) and 25mgs (BTG) anavar . So far my result are looking good my veins are poping out and im lean and mad strong. But yesterday i left the gym cause i started to get really hot and felt like throwing up. I got home and check my temp and i was 102. so i had a bad fever, i feel better now but that was crazy how it hit me so fast. This friday was my third wk shot of test so i think its kicking in and im on my third week of var and i look good... These were my stats before cycle 185lbs 5"10 18%bf and its my third cycle. Now im 195lbs 11%bf and my strength went up and im real hard from the var. So i just wanted to know if anyone else got any bad fever from test enant and does it happen more the once?

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    One more thing heres how my cycle is going to be
    1-12wk 750mgs test enant(QV)
    1-6wk 25mgs (BTG) var ed
    7-14wk 50mgs (SYD) winny eod
    1-14wk 10mgs nolv ed
    15-16 50mgs clomid ed
    18-19 hcg
    21-? 25mgs (BTG) var ed just to keep my gains. Tell me what you guys think!!!

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    yeah a mysterious fever sucks, but it could just be thr flu from someone at the gym... take plenty of tylenol to reduce the fever, get some sleep and drink alot of water...

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