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    Right now I ordered nolva 30 tabs 20mg and Clomid 30 x 50mg tabs for my 10 week cycle of test.

    First off I know i need more clomid for my PCT and i was planning on getting that on ARR. Should i just get a bottle of Clomi from the site or do your guys think i should use something else to finish my PCT.

    Next I want to take the nolva through the whole cycle cuz i dont want to get gyno. Shjould I also run the nolva during my PCT as well. I know I have to order more novla which i was going to do before I even start the cycle but what do u guys think would work best from ARR. I was looking into Tamox or LiquiDex and I just wanted to know which you bros think would be the best. ALso if there is anything else from the site instead.

    Thanks bros

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    nolva and clomid , possibly hcg depending upon cycle
    have a read of pheednos pct

    use ldex and nolva during cycle

    nolva for pct


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